Welcome to Bharat Maps- A Multi-layer GIS Platform

Digital India aims to establish end to end geo-spatial electronics delivery systems as part of Mission Mode Projects in e-Governance domain and envisages "National GIS Mission" as core foundation of location based Electronic Delivery of Services for Planning & Governance. NIC/DeitY has created Multi-Layer GIS Platform named "Bharat Maps" which depicts core foundation data as "NICMAPS", an integrated base map service using 1:50,000 scale reference data from Survey of India, ISRO, FSI, RGI and so on. This encompass 23 layers containing administrative boundaries, transport layers such as roads & railways, forest layer, settlement locations etc., including terrain map services.

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Salient Features

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA), with cross platform and browser support, has been developed visualized along with Mash-ups with Global GIS Services.
  • NIC spatial data repository has been updated as per the standards and around 1000 vector layers comprising of Administrative Boundaries, Transportation Network , Natural Features etc. has been used for this composition.
  • NIC Base Map service consisting of pre-composed maps and served using tile cache from scales ranging from 1: 20 Million - 1:20000. High scale Maps has been incorporated for seven cities on the scale of 1:10000 to 1:4000.
  • NIC Satellite Imagery service consists of satellite images of varying resolutions like AWiFS ( 56 m), LISS ( 23.5 m) and PAN ( 5.80 m).
  • NIC Terrain Map service developed using contour data from Survey of India.


NIC sincerely acknowledge the spatial data providers like Survey of India, Department of Space, Forest Survey of India, RGI etc for their contribution.